Belbin Team Roles (Interplace)

PTS Insight often refer to Belbin's team role theory to helps team members identify their preferred roles in a team. The approach identifies nine clusters of behaviours which, if all are present, provide an effective team balance and increased likelihood of success. These include:

Team Worker
Resource Investigator

Completer Finisher


Greater awareness of these team roles and their contributions to team performance significantly helps teams realise their potential.

PTS Insight use Belbin Interplace as a team assessment tool when working with teams to improve performance.

Here at PTS our colleague Malcolm Yates, has worked closely with Dr. Meredith Belbin in his pioneering work. Hence PTS Insight is extremely experienced in offering specialist team analysis and team building development. We have worked with many clients using Belbin team role assessments in change management situations, team development and leadership development.

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