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PTS Policies

Please find below the Policies and Operational Procedures for PTS. 
Information Security Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Records Management Policy
Data Protection Policy


Our website uses ‘cookies’ which are small text files that temporally store data, they are used in the website to store such things as your name. We use cookies when you use one of our online tests to store your test results prior to the server sending them to us for analysis. We do not keep the cookies and when you have finished using our site the cookies will expire. Please make sure that your web browser is set to use cookies otherwise we will get a blank test result and you will have wasted your time completing it.

Turn Phone Icon

You will see this littlePhone Turn icon throughout the website – it is telling you to rotate your mobile phone into the landscape orientation. This is because the page contains something like a table that is too large to display correctly on the mobile phone screen in the portrait orientation but will look better if you rotate your phone into the landscape orientation.

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