Selecting Talent

Recruitment is one of the most important factors in the success of any business, but it can be a time consuming process. Getting it wrong can be expensive, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) estimates the potential cost of can be £5000 to £50000, depending on the role. In contrast a well run, professional recruitment process increases the chance of a successful appointment and reflects positively on an organisation.

PTS Insight can assist you with all, or part, of your recruitment process. We will provide an efficient and professional service tailored to your particular needs. We can help you identify which resources and assessments are most suitable in the selection process, from start to finish. We will ensure the process is run professionally, objectively and within current employment legislation.

Here is a summary of how we might work with you:

Selection process services

  • Management of all candidate contact.
  • We can process all screening and shortlisting to pre- agree criteria.
  • We can work alongside you when interviewing, by providing bespoke questions based on the candidates personality.
  • We can administer and feedback on Personality profiling and occupational aptitude tests.

Our services

PTS Insight are qualified and experienced in administering and providing feedback on a number of psychometric assessments. These assessments can be used to assess personality, intelligence, aptitude and specific skills. Psychometric assessments typically fall into two categories;-

  • Personality Profiling measures typical behaviour, individual tendencies and preferences. Profiling can identify many traits including how individuals may interact with others, deal with emotions (their own and others), resilience, as well as their preferred leadership style. Personality profiling is used extensively in recruitment but is also a powerful tool in the development of talent and leadership. (click here for more information on our tests)
  • Aptitude and Ability Testing: These tests can measure an individual’s ability across a number of skills, typically numerical, verbal and critical thinking. The tests can assess current ability as well as potential ability. (click here for more information on our tests)

Why use PTS Insight to help with your recruitment?

  • A professionally run recruitment process will increase your chances of selecting excellent candidates and enhance the reputation and image of your organisation.
  • PTS Insight provides professional and objective interviewing, selection and insightful feedback.
  • PTS Insight offer flexibility and excellent value for money as you only pay for the recruitment services you need.
  • PTS Insight has worked closely, over many years, with a number of clients who know the power of an effective recruitment process.

Many of our clients use a combination of personality profiling and aptitude testing to gain greater insight into the competencies of potential new recruits.

Optimising talent for success ....