PTS Insight Testing Services

Psychometric tests are an essential part of recruitment and development processes, helping organisations to identify talent and develop to its full potential.

The term “psychometric” is as the word describes ‘psycho’ – the mind and ‘metric’ – to measure, so all psychometric tests or and assessments are some form of measurement of mental capability. For psychometric tests to be credible, valid and robust, it is essential they are continually standardised.

Psychometric tests can be used to assess personality, intelligence, aptitude and specific skills. They typically fall into 2 main categories:

  • Personality profiling assessments measure typical behaviour, individual tendencies and preferences. They can assess many traits including the ways in which how individuals relate to each other, deal with emotions (both their own and others), stress, and their preferred leadership style. Whilst personality profiling is used extensively in selection, it is also a very powerful tool in personal and leadership development.
  • Aptitude and Ability testing measures an individual’s ability in a particular skill, typically verbal, numerical and critical thinking skills. These tests look at both potential and current ability.

PTS Insight is experienced in working with organisations to design the best range of psychometric tests to assess talent and ability. We can undertake full-scale in-house audits as well as smaller scale remote on-line testing. In addition we can develop bespoke psychometric tests and specific norm groups. PTS Insight talent assessment is always followed up with thorough one-to-one feedback from a qualified consultant. The main selection of tests PTS Insight provide include:

PTS Insight only use tests sourced from reputable test publishers, which and have been extensity tested and validated. All our consultants are fully trained to administer these tests and have in-depth knowledge of their applications. We are registered with the British Psychological Society and hold the EFPA certificate alongside Levels A and B certificates of competence.

The costs we charge for testing and assessment reflects our expertise in administration and reporting. We do not supply tests to other test providers, but are happy to advise where testing material can be purchased.


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