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Emotional Intelligence Profiling

Emotional intelligence has emerged as a key driver of workplace success over the last few years. Success is now not so much about technical competence but about being able to work with others.

The ability to identify, assess and manage the emotions of oneself and others is now deemed to be the prerequisite for successful senior leadership. Indeed it has been suggested that raw intelligence accounts for only 1% of management success.

The rise of emotional intelligence as a concept in the 1990’s was driven by the work of Daniel Goleman who found that success at work depended upon how well one can handle oneself and others. His research grouped the 19 competencies into 4 areas:

  • Self Awareness (self consciousness)
  • Self Management (self control)
  • Social Awareness (empathy)
  • Relationship Management (influence)

PTS Insight are experienced in helping individuals develop better self awareness through a range of psychometric tools. When used in conjunction with coaching and mentoring as part of individual development and management/leadership development, improvements in organisational success can be achieved.

PTS can help organisations assess their talent base for emotional intelligence in a number of ways.

  • Assessment of current levels of emotional intelligence through profiling
  • Creation of individual plans to increase levels of emotional intelligence through training interventions, coaching and management development.
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