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IPI Aptitude Series

IPI Aptitude is a series of 12 short tests covering the aptitudes required to learn and perform at most jobs up to first line management.

PTS Insight will work closely with you to identify which combination of tests best meet your specific needs. These tests have been effective in recruitment, career development and outplacement.

Within the IPI range of tests there are five tests specifically measuring aptitudes and abilities which are key performance indicators in technical occupations (Tools, Blocks, Dimension, Dexterity and Precision). There are also tests that measure key indicators in administrative occupations (Fluency, Memory, Numbers and Perception). The selection of tests into test batteries can be organised for most occupations.

Test Description
Blocks Tests the ability to visualise objects
Fluency Tests the ability to think words rapidly
Judgement Tests the ability to work out solutions to problems
Memory Tests the ability to remember different types of material (visual, verbal and numbers)
Dexterity Tests the aptitude for fine and gross muscle control, dexterity and eye hand co-ordination
Dimension A more demanding test of space relations aptitude
Precision Tests the ability to see details in pictures, to recognise likenesses and differences rapidly
Tools Tests the aptitude to comprehend simple everyday tools
Numbers Tests the ability to work rapidly and accurately with numbers and to understand mathematical concepts
Parts Tests the ability to see the whole in relations to its parts
Perception Tests the ability to recognise likenesses and difference rapidly and perceived details in words and numbers
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