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Career Development

All of us need to spend time reviewing our careers and reflecting on our aspirations. Ideally this should be an ongoing process. Businesses can benefit from an individual’s career development plan as it enables skills to be enhanced, gaps in talent to be identified and succession planning to be put in place.

Whilst many organisations offer career development in-house, on some occasions the best career development will come from neutral, independent, experienced career coaches. At PTS Insight we have experienced career coaches who build trusting and open relationships. The outcome is to ensure individuals have a clear sense of direction and feel in control of their career. Through assessment and coaching interviewing, we are able to increase self-insight and provide a realistic view of abilities and potential.

Each individual's career development needs are unique, but we often follow this approach:

Where you are currently:

  • Psychometric Assessment (such as PTS Insight's Personality Profiling).
  • Occupational tests (as appropriate).
  • Executive coaching with an experienced PTS Insight consultant.
  • Clarification of career preferences and life aspirations session.

Moving Forwards:

  • Explore career options.
  • Identify any training requirements.
  • Agree a plan of action for short, medium and long term.
  • On-going mentoring and coaching as required.
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