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Graduate Recruitment

PTS Insight has specialist graduate recruitment experience and so can offer a range of graduate recruitment support from programme design and candidate management through to offers, induction programmes and ongoing development.

We are happy to manage all or part of the process for you, or simply help you where you feel you need the extra support.

Programme Design:

  • General advice on identifying target courses and building and maintaining links with universities (including placements, interns, business games etc.)
  • Identifying hiring targets and planning programmes to meet targets

Candidate Management:

  • Initial screening and shortlisting of CVs/Applications
  • Interviewing
  • Psychometric testing both personality and occupational based
  • Assessment centres – design and delivery or facilitation

Offers and Hiring:

  • Salary benchmarking to ensure competitive packages offered
  • Terms and conditions and contractual arrangements

Graduate Talent Development:

  • Design of induction programmes to support hires
  • Design and delivery of ongoing personal and team development

Throughout our range of graduate recruitment services the same principles apply:

  • Continual focus on value for money and need for return on investment
  • Awareness of the need to manage diversity and ensure consistency of treatment for all
  • Due to the long term investment graduate recruitment requires, a focus on succession planning and the longer term nurturing of graduate talent through management and leadership development and training and development
  • Importance of the role graduate recruitment plays in building and maintaining positive employer profile

Advantages of using PTS Graduate Recruitment services:

  • Opportunity to benefit from specialist graduate recruitment services without incurring fixed overheads
  • Financial efficiency – only pay for those services you actually need
  • Flexibility – our services can run alongside your existing graduate recruitment capability
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