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Change Management

Research indicates that, on average, organisations undertake a major change once every three years. Minor changes are occurring continually. Recent CIPD research showed only around half of companies felt their change management programme met their desired objectives, which was usually bottom-line improvement.

There are several elements which are critical to successful organisation change. One of these is being clear on the ideal talent required to affect change and how well-placed the organisation is with the existing employee pool. Businesses need to know where they have talent gaps and understand the capabilities of their managers and leaders to successfully implement the transition process.

PTS Insight is able to work alongside businesses on a number of elements of change management. PTS Insight provides independent, objective talent assessment as well as facilitating teams and mentoring individuals involved in the change process.

PTS Insight input can cover a combination of the following:


  • Identifying and defining role and person specifications
  • Complete Talent Analysis which includes identifying talent gaps
  • Team Performance Assessment
  • Training Needs Analysis

During Change

  • Selection Interviewing
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Facilitation of Teams
  • Relevant Management and Leadership Training

Post Change

Case Study: Lafarge

Challenge: Lafarge needed independent talent assessment and benchmark profiles of key roles to ensure successful implementation of a major change program.

Approach: PTS Insight worked with managers to agree on the best suite of occupational and personality profiling which PTS Insight were able to provide in an independent role. Thorough feedback was given to all individuals involved and further mentoring was provided where the need was identified. Key role bench-mark profiles were established and gaps identified.

Results: Increased profit of 2% and staff turnover reduced by 5%. The change programme was successfully implemented.

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