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Assessment Centres

Assessment centres use a broad range of relevant selection tools to provide a more rounded assessment of each candidate’s ability and suitability. It also allows candidates to better understand the organisation and the requirements of the role.

In a CIPD survey, 34% of employers said they used assessment centres as a method to select candidates.

Assessment centres are particularly beneficial when there are several strong candidates under consideration and an inappropriate choice could be particularly expensive or risky for the business.

PTS Insight will work closely with our clients to clearly define the requirements of the role and from this propose a range of appropriate selection methods. We aim to reflect the reality of the job and the organisation within our assessment centre design, whilst ensuring the process is fair and open.

PTS Insight assessment centres often incorporate the following elements:

  • Interview, with recommended questions.
  • Psychometric testing including personality and aptitude.
  • Carefully chosen, observed group exercises to identify key behaviours.
  • Role specific presentation exercises, if deemed appropriate to the role.
  • Role specific simulations, such as business games, in-tray exercises and report writing exercises.
  • Full feedback for individual candidates with a qualified PTS Insight consultant.

PTS Insight consultants are trained to facilitate, observe and rate behaviour which clients often find beneficial when making their final selections.

PTS Insight has a wealth of experience and we can provide an efficient and professional service to meet your specific needs.

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