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What do PTS Insight do?

In an ever increasingly competitive global marketplace it is becoming ever more imperative to appoint the best people to work within your company and to ensure the teams within the company work well together. Appointing the wrong person to a vacancy or having a dysfunctional team can cost a company a lot of money. PTS has, for many years, been helping a wide variety of companies in many sectors to overcome this problem. PTS is all about people, from recruiting the right people, through putting together the right teams to develop, enhance and promote your business, to coaching and mentoring key staff.

One of the main areas of our business is working with companies who have dysfunctional teams, who are not working together and pulling in all directions for whatever reasons. Whether a company has a production line that under performs all the other lines or a part of the company that is struggling - sales, accounts or maybe marketing, where there are dysfunctional teams there is often poor staff morale, increased absence rates, high staff turnover, increased material wastage or lower quality of product all of which will affect the profitability of the company. However large or small a small company it is vital that the staff work together. By looking at a team and assessing the staff we can see what the problems are and implement an action plan to enable the team to recognise its strengths and weaknesses and enable it to start working more cohesively to achieve its objectives.

Another area of our business is interview selection. Whether you advertise or use the services of a recruitment company, it can sometimes be very hard to appoint the right person particularly if you are looking for someone with specific skills in addition to qualifications. We can assist you in appointing the best candidate by either assessing your interviewees, running an assessment centre or by working with you from the outset by drawing up a job description, helping with shortlisting and then, following assessment, suggesting pertinent interview questions, if needed, which will help you select the right candidate. By working with a company, prior to shortlisting, we can ensure the successful applicant will “fit” with existing team members which is crucial. Appointing the wrong person can be an extremely costly mistake both in time and money.

PTS also offer one to one career consultation. We advise people who feel they may have chosen the wrong career path or the wrong course at university and sometimes school leavers who are unsure which career path they want to follow and need some help and advice. Through assessment we can identify the types of careers they are most suited to and, just as important, those they are not!

Sue Yates 6th June 2016

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