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Career Counselling

Are you unhappy with your career? Have you started a university course and now realise it isn’t for you? Have you recently been made redundant? Do you live for your days away from work and dread the first day of your working week?

If the above has struck a chord then it is perhaps time to think about career counselling. Many of us find ourselves at a point in our careers where we are simply “stuck in a rut” and are no longer enjoying our studies or employment or we have recently been made redundant (or are about to be) and need some advice.

#Let us look in more detail at some of the reasons we feel unhappy with our career or intended career pathway. If we start with further learning, whether this is as an apprenticeship or a university course, some people will quickly realise that their chosen apprenticeship or degree course, is not for them and they have made a mistake. It is often very hard for young people to choose options and make career choices at the necessary points at school. Some young people follow their parents’ suggestions which, whilst well meaning, can sometimes be based on what they think will suit their child, careers they themselves would have liked to pursue if they had had the choice when younger, or they suggest career paths where they see a sustained career and/or financial security for their children in years to come. #Young people can decide by themselves on a career choice due to predicted financial rewards, by reality shows or even through peer pressure if they are really unsure of the career they would like to follow. As we know the world we live in is continually changing and with that the traditional career choices of years ago are disappearing and new career paths, especially in today’s technological age, are being offered. With less time and money in schools for careers education, it is difficult for some young people, to make the right decisions for their futures and they can be pointed to careers that suit their best subjects rather than looking at choices that better match them as an individual.

Further learning aside, some people reach a point where they feel they simply cannot continue going to work day after day, for the rest of their lives, in their present employment. Quite simply their job is getting them down and affecting their health and wellbeing. Having attained the job they wanted they now find it bores them rigid and is no longer challenging enough for them. Some graduates may have been unable to secure the job they hoped for and have taken alternative work and are now unsure how to move on with their career. As the world economy and modern technology moves and changes, many workers see their industries dying out and feel they need to look to move to another career path whilst they have the chance to retrain.

Very sadly some workers are made redundant and they face having to think about very different career options to the industries they have worked in. We have all seen this over recent years with the mining and steel industries decimated, call centres and manufacturing being moved overseas and recent headlines predicting a fall of over 900,000 jobs in the retail sector by 2025 as more of us use ecommerce.

Equally many sports people find themselves seeking a new direction as their sports careers end. Although a few will continue as commentators, coaches and managers, some do not want to stay working within their sport or do not have the abilities or skills to take on these roles.

#At PTS (Psychometric Testing Solutions) we can help you at what can be a critical crossroads in your life. We offer a career counselling service. We will begin by asking you to take a personality test and from this we can sit down with you and discuss your career options and suggest ways to approach a change of career direction. The personality test will show us your strengths and weaknesses against a whole range of factors which we can use to advise you of pathways to take.

Parents have also found our service extremely helpful as, by using personality traits, we have been able to advise their children the types of careers they are best suited to and ones they would probably be best to not consider.

Many people do not realise that some of the skills they have in a job can be transferable to another and will help them as they learn and develop new skills in a different field. This is particularly important for anyone who has been (or is about to be) made redundant.

If you are at your personal crossroads and need our help please contact us (01623 345119) and let PTS work with you to make informed decisions for your future.

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