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Computer Chaos!!

Over the past week we have had a new main domain server, so you can imagine the chaos this has caused but, progress is being made and the new server software offers us greater security and better features than we had before. Hopefully we haven’t lost any email but if you have sent something to us and expected a reply then please send it again.

This does beg the question, how could we manage without computers and related I.T. Systems? Would we find life very difficult without them? For me, I have found this week difficult with half the system not fully working and access to the resources I normally use being unavailable. It goes without saying that however well the changeover is planned, it still takes a lot of time to replace the central core of the computer system, as in our case the main domain server.

I am fortunate that I have the skill set to understand computer systems and can do most of the technical work on the new system myself but not everyone has my technical background.

Many businesses today totally rely on I.T. to survive and I wonder how many business owners and senior managers really understand how the IT system works? Not many I would suggest!

Perhaps the next time you give your I.T. system a spring clean it might be worth while carrying out an I.T. skills audit of all you staff to see where the weaknesses in your I.T. system really are?



6th January 2016

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