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I had a fascinating meeting with David Winnett of Hopkins Solicitors last week. David is a specialist in matrimonial disputes and he takes a different approach to the traditional method of entering into litigation as a way of resolving a separation. His approach is to mediate and negotiate a settlement and only resorts to the courts if there is no other option.

David also believes that there is a strong business case to introduce a ‘matrimonial’ policy in to all companies as there is a likelihood that one day a member of staff will be going through a matrimonial separation. The disruption that an employee with this kind of problem can cause a small business is immense and will have an impact on the bottom line by employees losing concentration, making costly mistakes, increased potential for accidents and the list goes on.

There is good evidence to suggest that employers should take some responsibility towards their employees who might be going through a difficult time at home. Have a look at these links on this subject ….

David has produced a sample policy on Personal Relationship Problems if anyone would like a free copy? Please contact us via our contack us page

I did ask David “What are the biggest causes of divorce?” I was amazed by the answer of “Usually picking the wrong partner in the first place”. However, this answer is a little more obvious when we also look at ‘why do we have problem staff in an organisation’ … usually because we selected the wrong person in the first place or ‘why do we have dysfunctional teams’ again it is usually caused by selecting the wrong team members. Human behaviour is the biggest single problem we face in business today and it’s the problem that most managers and business owners struggle with!


MRY 9th November 2015

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