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Dysfunctional Teams

I am sure that we can all relate to a team that doesn’t work too well? One that all or some of its members are at odds with each other and the team doesn’t perform as well as it could do. Situations where key members do not communicate with each other or play games to try and gain superiority. Or the team members have just drifted apart and have lost the ability (or will) to work together.

We here at PTS Insight specialise in working with broken teams and helping to repair them. We do this very carefully and very gently and whilst we cannot fix every team we are very successful with the majority of them.

I think we all agree that teams are a very powerful force and if we can improve the way we work together then an awful lot can be gained.

The opening paragraph of Jim Birds article says it all:-

“Neanderthals had bigger brains than us and the same genetic mutations for speech and demonstrated imaginative traits. Yet Homo Neanderthals perished and Homo Sapiens evolved to dominate the planet. What was the difference? The answer, science now indicates, is that Homo Sapiens had more effective team building skills. And the continuing evolution of those skills is as essential to cultural, organizational and personal growth today as it was then.” (Read the rest of the article by Jim Bird)

So team skill are crucial to our continuing survival on this planet. We can help you be better team players.

How do we achieve this?

Imagine a jigsaw where all the pieces are scattered everywhere and the original picture has been lost! This is where we start, and by using very sophisticated diagnostic psychometric instruments we can measure a whole range of complex behaviours. From this data we work out where each of the jigsaw pieces fit in the puzzle and we then gradually build a picture of what the team should look like.  What strengths and weaknesses there are and what roles the members are best suited to play.

We present this ‘picture’ back to the team and help each team member to understand what their own strengths are and how they can best contribute to the teams overall performance. We also challenge the weaknesses in the team and offer solutions of how to remedy or manage them.

In addition to the psychometric software we work with a range of other techniques such as coaching and mentoring individuals and the team to bespoke development community projects which benefit both the team and the community.

All of our interventions are totally bespoke to the team and the organisation to which it belongs.

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